Mikel Arteta promotes two Arsenal wonderkids to first

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Cheap Jerseys from china Luiz addresses Arsenal exit plan and admits transfer talks with former clubKeown told talkSPORT : “David Luiz concerns me because if you’re going to pay 8m for him and give him 5m wages and he’s only going to be there for one season, I’m not sure about the wisdom of that.”Is he a proper defender? Can he play in a back four? His best defending came when he was in a back three at Chelsea when they won the Premier League [in 2016 17].”It’s the most crucial area which he [Mikel Arteta] has to get right.”Holding’s been injured, it’s hard to judge him, he probably deserves another opportunity. I think that Sokratis could be a useful defender but I can understand the uncertainty of giving David Luiz a new deal.Mikel Arteta promotes two Arsenal wonderkids to first team”Do they now start to be harsh and make those key decisions? If David Luiz isn’t the answer, then he has to go now.”He doesn’t enjoy being in wide positions in the back four, he tends to bring people down and Mustafi, although Arteta has got a bit of a tune out of him, we know Mustafi isn’t quite at the level as well.”You go to a football club, you have to make your mark and if it doesn’t happen you have to hold your hands up. I think both players will have to do that. Cheap Jerseys from china

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